With Feel Like A Pro most of the "prep" work has already been done for you. Come well rested, eat a good breakfast, and be ready to ride within your means. The Ninja 300 will give you a workout and teach you a lot about riding a motorcycle.

There are many items required for a weekend of racing and the best-prepared riders make a priority of bringing all necessary items with them for the day. That is where your experience with Feel Like A Pro comes in.

We handle all of the maintenance, fuel, complete pit setup (canopies, tables, chairs, drinks, and snacks).  There is space for you, your family, and friends to relax.

We supply you with a race-prepped Ninja 300 motorcycle with Pirelli race tires and a full tank of fuel (and fill it up throughout the day).

You do need to bring the following items to the track at a minimum:

• Riding Gear:

Leathers (unless you rented ours),
Back Protector

We will take care of the rest!

David Seyl and Customer in front of Feel Like A Pro Pits